Do you have memory problems or cognitive difficulties, or are you living with a diagnosis of dementia? This pathway will help explain the journey of someone living with dementia and can guide you to help, support, services and activities in Hillingdon.

What's good for the heart is good for the head so ensuring that we make healthy choices will help keep our brains healthier for longer.
If you have on going concerns about your memory or cognitive issues, you might want to keep a record of what is happening to you.
When to seek medical advice, finance and legal support, and details of support groups and charities for people living with dementia.
Events, activities, facilities and services to help people living with dementia to live a full life within a safe and accepting community.
Help and support for those preparing to care for someone towards the end of their life.
The Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance is a group of 35 organisations working to improve the lives of Hillingdon residents living with dementia.