Football history

Hillingdon has a long history with football. Uxbridge Football Club was established in 1871, making it one of the oldest football clubs in the South East.

1893 football team
The photo of a team is from 1893, and seated at the bottom right is C. E. King who played 'left back'.

Season ticket
We also have the season ticket owned by his fiancĂ©, Miss Ellen Brown, who must have been cheering for him during every match.

Hayes Football Club was founded in 1909, when Eileen Shackle, the daughter of a wealthy family, wanted to encourage local boys to form a football team.

The team was originally known as Botwell Mission, after the mission church that was built in memory of her grandfather (and still stands today as part of the Hayes Library in Golden Crescent). This was also where the team stored their kits.

Hayes Town Supporter Badge
In 1929, the club changed their name to Hayes FC. We also have a photo of a Hayes FC Supporters Club badge, which includes the team colours - red and white stripes.

In 2007, Hayes joined with Yeading FC form the Hayes and Yeading United Football Club.

Yeading FC was also founded with youth in mind, beginning their existence in 1960 as Yeading Youth Club - started by brothers Ray and Carl Gritt.

Famous players from Hayes FC include Freddie Knight, Leslie Smith, Hayes' first full international, Len Townsend, George Wilkins, Johnny Gregory, Jimmy Bloomfield, Cyrille Regis, Les Ferdinand and Jason Roberts. 

Yeading FC have also provided the football world with Andy Impey, Lee Charles, Charlie Oatway and most recently, DJ Campbell.

The Complete History is written by Leigh Edwards and David Schute
Another old club from the borough includes Yiewsley FC, which was established in 1872, being set up by eight local businessmen, including a baker called Freddie Clinch who was the major financial backer for the team.

Yiewsley FC spent most of their early years playing junior league football and often their ventures into major league were interrupted by World Wars.

The Complete Histoory is written by Leigh Edwards and David Schute and tells a number of stories from the club, including in Mid-1960s when the team chartered a plane to take them to an away game - the first time this had ever been done in a Southern League Game!

In 1964, when the Local Urban District Councils merged to form the London Borough of Hillingdon, Yiewsley changed its name to reflect its standing as the only semi-professional team in the borough at the time. From then on, Yiewsley FC was known as Hillingdon Borough FC. 

One of the clubs most memorable moments was in 1971, when Hillingdon stormed into the finals of the FA Cup. The final, against Telford FC, was held at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 1 May.

Despite a strong lead in the first half of the game, the 'Boro team were unable to keep up with the Telford team, with the final score being 2-3 to Telford.

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