The support and benefits we provide

We support our foster carers throughout their journey, as they help children and young people stay in their communities.

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What we offer our foster carers

  • Induction programme for new foster carers
  • Excellent training and development opportunities
  • A generous allowance (from £360.87 to £428.32, depending on the age of the child) - this is above the government's minimum weekly allowance
  • Start-up equipment (where applicable)
  • Regular placements well matched to you and your family
  • Regular visits and phone calls from your supervising social worker
  • Close working with our dedicated team of clinical psychologists
  • Out-of-hours support during evenings and weekends
  • Additional support available from a family support worker
  • Support from other council services, such as education, health and wellbeing
  • Access to fostering support groups, where carers meet and share their experiences, get advice and network
  • An extensive range of learning, development and training opportunities
  • Free membership with The Fostering Network, which offers a 24-hour helpline, discounts for foster carers, and much more
  • Access to Fosterline - a government-run helpline, where you can go to get answers to your questions (delivered by FosterTalk on behalf of the Department of Education) 
  • Support from other foster carers, through regular group meetings and from local services, including schools, health and leisure
  • Regular organised events, including our annual Foster Carers' Celebration

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Page last updated: 27 May 2022