Starting grammar school in September

Information on registration and test dates for Buckinghamshire Grammar School and Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools.

Buckinghamshire Grammar School

The deadline to register your child to sit the Grammar School for Buckinghamshire transfer test has now passed.

Please note: If you have missed the deadline for registration, you are required to complete a 'contact us form' via Buckinghamshire's website and provide evidence as to why you were not able to apply on time during the 9-week application period.

For more information, visit Buckinghamshire's website.

Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools

The deadline to register your child to sit the Slough Consortium Grammar School test has now passed.

Information about the arrangements and testing process for entry to year 7 in September, visit the Slough Consortium of Grammar schools website.

Page last updated: 01 Sep 2022