Help shape our council services

We work with partners, local groups and organisations to engage with residents.

We hold regular surveys, consultations, focus groups and meetings, so that we can:

  • gain and understand local views and needs
  • share information about our services
  • discuss issues and priorities in our borough
  • work together to improve and design services.

Get involved

If you want to help shape council services and help make Hillingdon a better place to live, there are a number of other ways you can get involved:

  • join your local residents' association
  • have your say on things that matter to you through our various consultations, which run throughout the year
  • register your interest in taking part in focus groups by contacting our customer engagement team using our online form.

Contact our customer engagement team

Regular forums

Throughout the year, we also run a number of forums, where residents can find out more about the services we (and our partners) provide, have their say on how services are run, and get information and support:

  • Assembly for Older People - held 4 times a year and open to residents aged 65+
  • Assembly for people with disabilities - held 3 times a year and open to residents with a disability and their carers
  • Carers' Forum - held 2 times a year and open to carers and the person they care for (delivered in partnership with Carers Trust Hillingdon)
  • Extra care housing forum - held 4 times a year and open to residents living in extra care (by invitation only)
  • Sheltered housing forum - held 4 times a year across the different schemes and open to residents living in sheltered housing (by invitation only).