Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The aim of the JSNA is to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community and reduce inequalities for all ages, identifying those groups where health and care needs are not being met and those which are experiencing comparatively different outcomes.

Hillingdon's JSNA is an ongoing process, which is used to determine what actions Hillingdon Council, Hillingdon NHS and our partners need to take to prioritise and address health and social care needs, improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities. 

It pulls together local needs assessments, strategies, and plans.

Download  Hillingdon's full JSNA report (PDF) [6MB] or select a PDF below to view a specific section.

SectionWhat this section coversPage
JSNA - Introduction (PDF) [1MB]Short summary of the main findings from the 2022 Hillingdon Joint Strategic Needs Assessment1
JSNA - Summary (PDF) [482KB]Health and wellbeing overall 4
Children and young people5
Working age adults7
Older people 8
JSNA - Population (PDF) [1MB]Hillingdon population characteristics9
Mortality and life expectancy 10
Health outcomes projections 10
Population estimates13
GP registered population16
Age distribution 16
Population projections17
Population by ward19
Births and birth projections19
Causes of death22
Life expectancy22
JSNA - Health conditions and mortality (PDF) [3MB]Health conditions26
Health outcomes projections26
All causes all ages mortality26
Early (premature) mortality28
Hospital admissions29
Excess winter deaths33
Breast cancer screening coverage40
Cervical cancer screening coverage for femalesin Hillingdon 42
Lung cancer 45
All cancers46
Cardiovascular disease48
Heart disease50
Cerebrovascular disease (CVA) - stroke 53
Circulatory disease56
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease58
Respiratory disease61
Liver disease64
Hip fractures70
Disability 75
Mental health condition under 18 years80
TB incidence85
Intentional self harm - emergency hospital admissions87
Infant mortality91
Road traffic injury93
Preventable mortality94
JSNA - Impact of behaviour on health (PDF) [1MB]Smoking 96
Alcohol specific conditions for males 103
Alcohol specific conditions for females 105
Obesity  107
Physical activity and inactivity  110
Violent crime including sexual violence 112
Unintentional and deliberate injuries in children aged 0-14 years 114
Unintentional and deliberate injuries in children aged 15-24 years 116
Intentional self-harm 117
Self-harm in children 119
Emergency admissions due to falls  120
Sexual health 123
Under-18's conception rates 124
Teenage parents  125
Abortions  127
Breastfeeding 129
JSNA - Wider determinants of health (PDF) [1MB]Income and employment 131
Gender pay equality 132
Deprivation 133
Child poverty   135
Housing and Homelessness 138
Special educational needs 146
GCSE attainment147
School attendance150
Children not in education or training (NEET)152
Page last updated: 07 Jun 2022