Lift failure, damp and disrepair and overcrowding

Medical assessments based on constant lift failure, damp and disrepair or overcrowding.

Lift failure

If you request re-housing because the lifts where you currently live are constantly broken or unusable, the landlord will need to give us a report on the lift's reliability before you can be awarded a medical priority. If the lift is found to be reliable, medical priority may not be awarded.

Note: Unreliability is only based on the number of mechanical faults and how long the lift has been out of order, not the amount of call outs (whether nuisance calls or to report vandalism).

Damp and disrepair

If you request a transfer due to the state of disrepair in your property, medical priority can only be given if the disrepair that is worsening your health cannot be put right. You should first report any damp and disrepair to your landlord.


Difficulties arising from overcrowding affect a large number of households in Hillingdon and additional medical priority will generally not be awarded for problems solely relating to overcrowded accommodation. The allocation policy specifically takes account of the effects of overcrowding and attracts its own priority. In a small minority of cases, where severe medical problems are involved, overcrowding may be considered as an additional factor following a discussion with health professionals.

Page last updated: 17 Mar 2023