Planning search guide

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Search planning applications

Search planning applications

Find out how to view information on a planning application.

Use one of the search options below to find the details, progress and status of a planning application.

Planning application search 

Search for planning applications by entering one of the following criteria only:

  • the full reference number
  • the location (the first full line of the address or the street name)
  • the ward (to find your ward, see ward boundaries)
  • undecided applications - click the checkbox to display undecided applications (you may need to use the location, ward or received dates to refine your search)
  • received dates
  • decided dates

Search for an application

Map search 

The map displays planning applications currently out to consultation. It allows you to identify the application, view the details and documents, and submit a comment.

Find an application using one of the following methods:

  • click one of the pins to view the information
  • zoom into the location
  • search for the street name or planning reference number
  • use the question mark button to identify all planning applications within a given radius of an address or location
  • read further  instructions on how to use the map search (PDF) [1MB]

View map

Weekly received/decided planning applications

View the planning applications that have been received/decided between certain dates. 

  • Enter the dates manually or select dates using the calendar view in the 'Received' field
  • Enter the dates manually or select dates using the calendar view in the 'Decided' field

Please note: Only valid applications that have gone through the registration process will appear.

View the weekly list 


Planning application information submitted to the council is protected by the Copyright Acts.

The plans, drawings and material have been submitted to Hillingdon Council in order to apply for planning permission. They are protected by the Copyright Acts. They are available to be viewed for consultation purposes only. Copies must not be made without prior permission of the copyright owner.

Page last updated: 19 Feb 2024