Northwood Cemetery and the Polish Air Force

There are 54 Polish pilots buried in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission section of Northwood Cemetery, alongside some of their colleagues who have died more recently.

This exhibition focuses on five  airmen's personal stories of heroism and sacrifice. It marks the anniversary of the death of Ludwik Paszkiewicz and Tadeusz Andruszków who were killed on the same day (27 September 1940) within minutes of one another.

Born on 18 November 1920 in Lwów, Poland.
Born on 21 January 1910, in Lwów, Poland.
Born on 28 October 1907, in Wola Galezowska, Poland.
Born on 19 August 1914 in Warsaw, Poland.
Born on 19 June 1919 in Lublin, Poland.