There are lots of great volunteering opportunities in the borough, where you can help our local community, make a difference to other people's lives, improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and help protect our environment.

Supporting Afghan refugees

Hillingdon Council has pledged to support the government in welcoming refugees from Afghanistan and offered to receive families within the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy.

We are working with local and national partners, including the government, to ensure those arriving from Afghanistan are well looked after, whilst funding existing services and supporting Hillingdon residents to achieve their housing needs. 


    There has been overwhelming offers of assistance and this has all been managed through The British Red Cross.

    Support needs change on a daily basis. If you would like to volunteer, please email strongercommunities@hillingdon.gov.uk with information about the kind of volunteering you may be able to offer, and we will do our best to direct you to the most appropriate support network.

    Donations and links to national organisations

    Thank you to everyone who has donated goods for the Afghan refugees.

    The volume of donations has been so great that we are asking that no more donations of clothes or goods are given. The hospital and local hotels have advised that more than sufficient supplies are available and receipt of any more donations is not helpful at this stage. 

    If you would like to make a financial donation, please consider one of the charities:

    More information

    Page last updated: 27 Mar 2023