What you can do for a safer Hillingdon

Information and advice on what you can do for a safer Hillingdon.

Fraud and corruption

If you suspect that someone is committing fraud against the council, or that a council employee is guilty of corruption, you can report this directly to us.

Examples of fraud and corruption

Fraud and corruption includes:

  • subletting or not living in your council house
  • claiming a single person discount on your council tax when there are other adults in your household
  • not declaring savings, income or financial assets in order to get social care payments, a grant or a council tax reduction
  • a council officer taking a bribe in exchange for an unfair advantage
  • staff carrying out private work during council work time.

Report fraud

If you suspect any of the above, or any other fraud or corruption, please report it using our online form.

Anything you tell our counter fraud team is treated in the strictest confidence.

Report fraud to the council

Page last updated: 09 Aug 2023