School Streets in Hillingdon

A school street is a scheme where the street outside a school is closed to traffic at school drop off and pick up times.

About school streets

On all school streets, the following applies:

  • access will be permitted for blue badge holders, as long as they apply for an exemption
  • staff working at the school and parents/school pupils with a valid blue badge can also apply for an exemption
  • other vehicles driven by visitors, parents and delivery vehicles will not be permitted to enter the zone during these times
  • the zone will be enforced by cameras; non-registered vehicles entering the zone during operating hours will automatically be issued a penalty charge notice.


If you are a Blue Badge holder, school staff, a school pupil or a parent/carer of a school pupil, at a school where there is a school street, apply for an exemption using the appropriate online form. 

Apply for a school street exemption

School street schemes

  • Highfield Primary School
    Currently, the only school street restriction in Hillingdon operates outside Highfield Primary School. Charville Lane West, Hillingdon (from the junction with The Dingle to the dead end) is a pedestrian and cycle only zone on school days between 8.15am and 9.15am and between 2.30pm and 4pm.
  • Future school streets in Hillingdon
    The council is currently looking at potential future school street sites across the borough to improve safety for those travelling to and from school. Details of these sites and consultations will be made available on this page, in due course. If you feel a school would benefit from a school street, a request can be sent to

Frequently asked questions

  • I'm a parent/carer, can I apply for an exemption?
    No - parents or carers dropping children at school will not be eligible for an exemption. You can only be granted an exemption if you or your child are a blue badge holder.
  • How will you know if the pilot has been successful?
    The road should be visibly calmer, safer and cleaner during these times. We will collect data on how parents and pupils travel to school, traffic flows and speeds, and take air quality readings.
  • This scheme will penalise parents and is a ban on driving to school?
    No, it is a ban on driving on streets around school entrances; parents who feel they need to drive will have to park legally nearby and walk the last leg of the journey.
  • Could this create congestion on surrounding streets?
    We will be working with the school community to reduce the overall number of people travelling to and from the site by car but choosing to walk, cycle or scoot to and from the school site.
  • Who is paying for the scheme?
    The minimal cost of introducing this scheme will be funded in full by the council's Local Implementation Plan allocation from Transport for London.

For more information on these proposals, please email or call 01895 558391.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023