Satisfaction of Tenants and Residents (STAR) Survey

We're asking tenants and leaseholders to share their views on the services we provide, and will be carrying out a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR).

STAR is a standard survey which is used across the country by housing organisations so we can compare performance against other landlords.

Tenants and leaseholders have the opportunity to play a big part in shaping our services. The results of the survey are confidential and are vital in helping us make business decisions and shape future services. 

This requirement is set out by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and is mandatory so the council must comply.

The feedback is used to see whether the council is meeting the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM's) and the results published so that the RSH and residents themselves can see how their landlord (the council) is performing.

The 22 TSM's cover 5 themes, 10 of which will be measured by landlords directly and 12 will be measured by landlords carrying out tenant perception surveys. The themes covered are:

  • keeping properties in good repair
  • maintaining building safety
  • respectful and helpful engagement
  • effective handling of complaints, and
  • responsible neighbourhood management.

The survey uses standardised questions issued by RSH and allows us to benchmark how we're performing against other landlords of a similar size.

The council is also required to collect responses from a minimum amount of residents in order to make sure that the feedback is a fair reflection of the views and in line with the number of properties we own.

The full details of the TSM's, including easy read versions, can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Take part in our consultation

Have your say by completing the STAR survey. If you know of anyone who would like to complete the survey and does not have access to the internet, please call the Customer Engagement team on 01895 277038 and we will arrange for a paper copy to be sent out. 

Have your say

If an interpreter is needed, please see our  Translation guide (PDF) [166KB].

Page last updated: 03 Jan 2024