Council budgets

Statement of accounts

All local authorities have to publish accounts in a form specified by Government regulation. They show in broad summary the sources of finance and the services on which it has been spent.

Hillingdon produces a formal Statement of Accounts which is set out in the form required by Accounts and Audit Regulations.

Normally the draft accounts have to be produced by 31 May and passed for audit each year for the financial year ending the previous 31 March; a draft version is made available on this website at this time.  

The audited accounts then have to be approved by a committee of the council by 31 July.  

However, due to COVID-19, regulations have been updated to allow for an extension to these deadlines. For the year ending 31 March 2022, draft accounts are required by 11 July 2022. The council aims to have the audited accounts approved by a committee of the council and published by 30 September 2022, although the legislative deadline is 30 November 2022. Once approved by the council's audit committee, they will be added to this page. 

Every year the accounts are open for inspection by the public prior to the completion of audit for a period of 30 working days. Local electors can inspect them and ask questions. Details of the open days for inspection are advertised on this website before the first 'open' day. Full details of this process are set out below.

External Audit is currently undertaken at Hillingdon by Ernst and Young.

Full statement of accounts reports

Published accounts including Audit opinion.

External audit reports

External audit reports show details of the external auditor's work carried out during the year, and their opinions on the council's performance.

Audit certificate

Council's accounts - your rights

You can inspect and take copies of, ask the auditor questions about, and even place an objection against our accounts. For details on how to do this read our  Public Inspection Protocol 2022 (PDF) [144KB]

The Public Inspection Protocol explains your rights in relations to the accounts; how to raise other issues about how the council is run; and how to find the right person to deal with your query.

Page last updated: 18 Nov 2022