Stronger Communities

Hillingdon Council is committed to promoting equality of opportunity, celebrating, and valuing diversity, eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment, and victimisation, and promoting good relations.

The Councils Strategy is to ensure that Hillingdon is a safe place with resilient, strong communities. We will:

  • work to keep residents safe from harm.
  • actively work in partnership with the Police, other partners, and communities to prevent and tackle crime, including antisocial behaviour and drug-related crime.
  • support all residents across the Borough in their ability to have equal access to information, advice, and services and to play an active role in resilient and respectful communities.

Building Stronger Communities together

The council's aim is, "along with its partners, to create a strong and resilient community in Hillingdon, to counter extremism and hate in all its forms, while bringing communities together to promote cohesion and integration. To build a strong sense of belonging and pride where all people feel valued and included, whether living, working within, or visiting the borough."

This is delivered by managing and coordinating a partnership approach to building stronger communities. Supporting the local voluntary sector and community organisations, including faith groups in developing communities and community cohesion. Maintaining and developing community engagement and reach into Hillingdon's diverse communities.

Programmes and initiatives

These are some examples of the projects and activities we deliver:

  • Junior Citizens programme
    The Junior Citizens programme is led by the London Fire Brigade, supported by the council and delivered in partnership with Brunel University London, NHS, Metropolitan Police, Transport for London, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and others. This programme delivers key safety and citizenship messages to Year Six pupils as part of preparing them for moving on to secondary school and becoming more independent.

  • Hate Crime Upstanders programme
    This project is supported by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and aims to strengthen community cohesion, build resilience, and improve community relations. This programme enables local communities and organisation to come together and learn about the strands of hate Crime and how to work together to raise awareness and understand hate crime and extremism and how to tackle these issues.

  • Schools Prevention training for students
    We want to encourage young people to feel confident in challenging hate and discrimination and in promoting greater understanding, respect, and unity.
    Our programmes are designed to provide students with the understanding, skills and confidence to report hate crime and to provide support to people impacted by hate crime. The primary aim of these workshops is to empower young people to act against all forms of discrimination and racism, and to develop a sense of social responsibility in them towards their communities and to the wider society.

    • The hate crime awareness workshops help them understand: 
    • the various strands of hate crime.
    • how hate crime impacts on individuals and communities.
    • what support is available to victims.
    • how and where to report hate crime.
  • Celebrating International Women's Day
    Working with Hillingdon Women in the Community Network with women from local women's groups and other partners, we celebrate International Women's Day each year, providing an opportunity for women to come together, share experiences and celebrate diversity. Opportunities are provided for all women throughout the year to participate in various womens events and recognise our diverse female communities and this is reflected throughout the events held all year and at International Womens Day.

  • Faith communities
    The council supports and works in collaboration with local faith groups and Hillingdon Inter Faith Community  (HIC) to promote greater understanding and strengthen relationships between faith communities. 


Throughout the year we support several events and activities in collaboration with partners and community groups, which aims to bring people together to promote cohesion and a sense of belonging and celebrate our diverse communities.

For further information on forthcoming events or how to get involved, please contact the stronger communities team by email


Page last updated: 15 Mar 2023