Emotional health and wellbeing courses

Become part of a wellbeing community, where you can meet new people, improve your confidence, self-esteem and de-stress.

Wellbeing and emotional health
Our fully funded emotional health and wellbeing (EHW) courses and workshops have been designed to help you help yourself, back to better mental health. They're delivered in a safe and supportive environment providing you with knowledge, skills and coping strategies to self-manage mild to moderate mental health struggles.

Our courses can also support you to build resilience and improve skills to progress with further learning opportunities in the community or prepare for a route back to work. 

Please note: At enrolment, you will be asked to complete a wellbeing questionnaire as part of the learning programme. 

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For further information email emotionalwellbeing@hae-acl.ac.uk or call 01895 556248

Page last updated: 02 Jul 2024