West Drayton walk

Follow this 3.7-mile route at your own leisure, through many beautiful open and green spaces, including The Closes, Harmondsworth Moor and Saxon Lake.

Please note: The walk is medium paced and includes uneven paths and stiles.

  1. Start outside West Drayton Library.
  2. From the library, turn right and walk along Station Road.
  3. Turn right into Church Road, cross the road, and into The Closes park.

    The Closes, West Drayton
  4. Follow the path across The Closes, into Laurel Lane, going past St Martin's School and Wise Lane.
  5. Turn into Little Benty, then cross the M4 by the footbridge.
  6. Follow the path to St Mary's Church Harmondsworth (can be muddy).
  7. Walk through Harmondsworth Village.
  8. Continue past the Barnes Wallis memorial, then into Saxon Way.

    Barnes Wallis Memorial
  9. Cross the river by the footbridge, then turn right into Harmondsworth Moor.

    Harmondsworth Moor
  10. Cross  the moor, re-cross the river, then walk along the wooden boardwalk.

    Walkway to Wise Lane
  11. Go back under the M4.
  12. Cross the field by the path and then come out on Wise Lane (by the stables).
  13. Turn left and follow Wise Lane.
  14. Turn right into Mill Road and walk up to The Green.
  15. Cross The Green, turn right into Church Road and follow the road back to West Drayton Library, where you began the walk.
Page last updated: 09 May 2023