Youth Justice Service

Our service is part of the Youth Justice System. We provide help to 10 to 17-year-olds who get into trouble with the law and help them stay away from crime.

What happens when a young person is arrested?

When a young person is arrested in Hillingdon, they are usually taken to Polar Park Police Station (Harmondsworth) to be interviewed.

  • They will be allowed to speak to a solicitor, who will advice them and stay with them while they are being interviewed.
  • They must also have an appropriate adult (normally a parent or guardian) with them to make sure they understand what is happening to them and why. 
  • The young person will also be seen by one of our liaison and diversion officers, who will check if they need any health and/or social care support and help to find it.

If the young person is charged

  • The Crown Prosecution Service decides whether to allow the young person to be released from the police pending further investigation or keep them at the police station until the next available court date, which is usually the next working day or a Saturday.
  • If the young person is brought to a youth court by the police, we will carry out an assessment to see if they pose a risk to themselves or others while they are in custody.
  • We will also work with the young person, family and solicitor to provide a bail supervision and support package to stop the young person committing any crimes while on bail.
Page last updated: 07 Mar 2023