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Autumn Show - fruit and vegetable competition

A fun, free event to be held on Saturday 16 September 2017 to celebrate horticultural excellence and all things blooming marvellous!

Autumn show

This year's competition will be held at The Great Barn, Manor Farm Complex, Bury Street, Ruislip HA4 7SU.

Hillingdon Council holds this competition to encourage residents to exhibit their locally grown produce. We are particularly keen to get younger residents involved and there is a dedicated children's section for those under 16 years.

There are competition classes for fruit and vegetable - so plenty of opportunity to win a garden centre gift voucher. 

Last date for entries will be 5pm on Friday 8 September.

Enter now


Exhibits can be staged between:

  • 5pm and 7pm on Friday 15 September 
  • 8am and 11am on Saturday 16 September 

The judging, closed to public, will commence at 11am on 16 September.

General public entry to the show and the barn will be from 1.30pm. 

Schedule for the day

  • 8am to 11am - staging of  pre-entered ​exhibits ​(closing date 8.9.17)​
  • 11am to 1.30pm - judging of exhibits ​(behind closed doors)​
  • 1.30pm - opens to public to view the displays and ​results of the judging
  • ​2.00pm to 2.30pm - Gardeners Question time with RHS judge Gerry Edwards and Paul Richards Head of Green Spaces at Hillingdon Council.
  • ​2.45pm - prize giving for Hillingdon in bloom and the Autumn Show
  • 4.30pm - show closes and ​clearance of the​ barn 


Art competition (adults only)

Vegetable art - exhibit painted, drawn, sculpted or photographed with a vegetable theme. Open to all those with an artistic flair!

  • Drawn or painted: maximum paper/canvass size should be A4.
  • Sculpture: to fit within 45cm x 45cm x 45cm space.
  • Photographic: maximum size 15 x 20cm (approx 8" x 6"). All photographs to be un-mounted.


All children's entries must be arranged without assistance from an adult.

Under 9 years

  • Cress grown in a dish
  • Vegetable art - exhibit painted, drawn, sculpted or photographed with a vegetable theme

9 to 16 years

  • Cress grown in a dish
  • Vegetable art - exhibit painted, drawn, sculpted or photographed with a vegetable theme

Floral art

'The Enchanted Garden'  an exhibit (limited to 15 exhibits)

  • To be staged on tabling. Space allowed 60cm depth x 60 cm width x 76cm height.
  • All exhibits must be within the space provided.
    • To be viewed and judged from the front.
    • The class will be staged on tabling covered with white plastic.
    • All exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor.
    • Paint and aerosols must not be used in the exhibition hall.
    • May be brought ready assembled.
    • Artificial plant material may be used.

Staging will be 8am and 10.30am on day of show only.

Dahlias (all)
Vases will be supplied

Seven new classes for this year.

Container of dahlias, blooms arranged for frontal effect (foliage other than dahlia may be used)6 to 12
Vases of small flowered dahlias2 vases, three blooms per vase
Medium flowered dahlias2 vases, three blooms per vase
One bloom giant decorative1 vase
One bloom giant cactus and/or semi cactus1 vase
Five blooms pompon1 vase
Three blooms bi-coloured1 vase

Cook it preserve it

Jar of  jam made with any locally grown soft fruit1
Jar of  jam made with any locally grown stoned fruit1
Jar of chutney, pickle or piccalilli made with locally grown produce1

Presented in an unopened plain clear glass jar with a sealed lid and be clearly labelled with the contents and day, month and year of making.

No other information is to be included which would identify the maker of the product.

Jars should be filled to within 1.25 cms (1/2 inch) of the top of the jar , thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. If a twist top or pliable press-on cover is used it must be new. Jars and lids must not bear commercial names.

Fruit and vegetable competition

Enter your best fruit and vegetables. 

Fruit description


Apples, cooking, distinct cultivar (optimum size)

Dish of 4

Apples, dessert, distinct cultivar (optimum size)

Dish of 4

Heaviest appleDish of 1
Blackberries or hybrid berries, distinct cultivarDish of 8
Raspberries, distinct cultivarDish of 8
Strawberries, with calyces and having stalks, distinct cultivarDish of 6

Pears, dessert, distinct cultivar TBA

Dish of 4

Any other fruit (not included above)
You will be contacted by the show secretary to advise what quantity need to be met for the fruit you have indicated.

Unless otherwise stated, the quantities required are as follows:

Vegetable description


Beetroots, Globe

 1 dish of 4

Carrots, No discoloration at top. Trim foliage approx 75mm. Long tap root


Carrots, other than long, prepare as above


Cucumber grown under glass,

 1 dish of 2

Cucumber grown outdoors1 dish of 2
Marrow, matching not exceeding 350mm in length1 dish of 2
Marrow, heaviest1 dish of 1
Prepared onions, under 250g1 dish of 3
Exhibition onions, over 250g1 dish of 3
Peppers sweet, matching1 dish of 3
Peppers hot (chilli)1 dish of 6
Potatoes, white, clean few eyes4 medium size
Potatoes, other than white, prepared as above4
Pumpkin, heaviest1 dish of 1
Shallots, under 30mm diameter6

Shallots, over 30mm diameter


Sweetcorn, matching1 dish of 2
Tomatoes, small fruited, plum or cherry cultivars, not more than 35mm with calyces8
Tomatoes, medium size, approx 60mm diameter with calyces6
Tomatoes, large size, not less than 75mm in diameter with calyces4
Trug or basket of vegetables arranged for effect.min. 4 varieties
Any other vegetable (not included in 9 to 28). Please indicate which vegetable. You will be contacted by the show secretary to advise what quantity need to be met for the vegetable you have indicated.TBA


Herbs (adults only) 
Herbs, three different kinds in water and named3 bunches

Herb growing in a pot


 Terms and conditions Rules and regulations 

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