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Benefits, grants and funding

Information on benefits and grants you're entitled to and find out how to claim them.

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Three families
The Hayes One Stop Shop provides local access to council services at Botwell Green Sport and Leisure Centre.
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From April 2013 there were significant changes affecting welfare benefits resulting from the Welfare Reform Act 2012.
There were many changes to benefits from 1 April 2013 as a result of the government's welfare reforms
education grants
Support for those in the education system.
for housing & council tax
You may be able to apply for housing benefit.
on an estate
Information on adapting or improving your home including disabled facilities, renovation and energy conservation grants.
Benefit fraud hotline information
False benefit claims cost the country millions of pounds. Do you know anyone cheating the benefit system? Find out how to report it.
List of organisations that may be able to help you wth other benefit entitlements.
Free childcare
The local authority is making available free early years education places for 20% of two year olds.