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Rubbish and recycling

Check collection days, order recycling bags, find disposal sites and general advice.

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Find out your street's rubbish and recycling collection days over the bank holiday period.
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Recycle more items, order more bags or opt in for bags automatically delivered
Textile recycling
Find out what textiles you can recycle and how to receive more purple bags.
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Request for new, replacements or purchase more bags and find out what goes in your garden waste bag.
Food recycling
Find about the new food waste collection service and how to order your food caddy.
Hillingdon Proud
Request to dispose of unused or unwanted bulky household items, including fridges and freezers.
Find out your collection days for rubbish, recycling and garden waste. Also instructions of how to put out your rubbish.
Local civic amenity sites locations and information on the disposal of household rubbish and recycling.