Animal licences

Licences are required to keep certain animals and also for businesses that deal with animals, including dog walking and animal boarding.

animal licensingWhat you need to know

Dog day boarders, keepers of exhibition animals and dog breeders must register with us and anyone who does not register could be guilty of an offence.

Anyone who operates a business looking after dogs which is away from the dog and owners homes during the day will need a licence. People who keep exhibition animals in the course of their business for educational or entertainment purposes will also need to register - this includes businesses such as falconry displays, dove releases, animal encounter experiences, or pat-a-pony days.  

Licences are not required for pet sitting (where you visit the animal in its own home).

Guidance notes

What we need to see

For each application, you will need to fill out a Section 1 (standard applicant profile) [88KB] and  Section 10 (declaration) [30KB] .

Specific requirements for each application are laid out in the application forms below.


Licence type Application fee1 year licence payable on grant2 year licence payable on grant3 year licence payable on grant
Breeding, boarding and pet shops      £185                           £150                           £225                           £300
Hiring out horses    £222.50                           £215                           £295                           £375
Exhibiting/performing animals    £162.50                            N/A                            N/A                           £110


Apply for an animal boarding licence [54KB]

Apply to breed and sell dogs [78KB]

Apply for performing animals licence [105KB]

Apply for pet vending licence [92KB]

Apply for a riding establishment licence [153KB]

Apply for a professional dog walking licence

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