Library membership

Your membership card number and PIN

Your membership number is either the barcode number on your library card or the number on the back of your HillingdonFirst card.

Activating your library membership

  • If using your HillingdonFirst card as your library membership card, it must have been activated at one of our libraries.
  • If you haven't been an active library user in the last 2 years, you will need to contact your local library to reactivate your membership, providing additional proof of your name and address. You can also email to get set up online.

Resetting your library PIN

Online resources

If using our online resources:

  • when logging in, enter the full membership number without any spaces
  • if the number on your library card does not have the prefix 20112, you will need to add it at the beginning when using your membership number to use the online resources.
Page last updated: 03 Nov 2023