Library membership

How to join

It's easy and free to join your local library.

  1. Visit your local library with 2 proofs of your current address, eg a recent household bill or your driving licence.
  2. Ask for and complete an application form.
  3. You will be issued a membership card, which you can use to reserve and borrow books, book a computer and access free online resources.

If you don't live in the borough of Hillingdon, you are still welcome to join our library service.

Active membership

Your membership is activated for 3 years from the moment you join and it will remain valid after this time period if you:

  • have books on loan or outstanding charges owed to us
  • you use your card within 12 months of the expiration date

Your membership will remain on the system for 6 years and is then scheduled for permanent deletion in accordance with the Limitation Act 1980.

As an active member you can request information about what data we have on your own library membership record.

Page last updated: 16 Mar 2020