Our business waste and recycling service

Our trusted and efficient service manages the disposal of general waste and recycling for all types of large and small businesses operating in Hillingdon.

What we do with your business waste

All waste that we collect is recycled or used to create energy. No waste that we collect is sent to landfill.

Food waste

The food waste we collect is taken to an anaerobic digester facility in South London, in vehicles powered by sustainable biogas (which is made by the food waste our borough recycles). There, it's turned into bio methane gas, which is used to help supply homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy.

Any leftover materials are made into high quality fertiliser for farmers.

General waste

The general waste that we collect is processed at an energy from waste facility.

The waste is incinerated at very high temperatures in purpose-built chambers and the energy that this generates is used to power a turbine to produce electricity.

The ash that is left over is reused in the construction industry.

Dry mixed recycling

Dry mixed recycling is sorted, separated and baled at a materials recovery facility.

They are then sent to a range of re-processors, where they are transformed into reusable materials and then passed on to manufacturers to produce new items from them.

Where possible, the material is recycled here in the UK. 

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Page last updated: 15 Jul 2024