Our business waste and recycling service

Our trusted and efficient service manages the disposal of general waste and recycling for all types of large and small businesses operating in Hillingdon.

Why choose our service?

Our service is competitively priced, reliable and focused on delivering great customer service.

  • Competitive prices - we have the most competitive and cost-effective prices in Hillingdon (we don't charge VAT so we're significantly cheaper than most private waste collectors).

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  • Transparency - we have no hidden costs; we tell you exactly how much and when your next payment will be. Our prices include container delivery and hire, waste collection and disposal, Duty of Care documentation and all other administration.
  • Local knowledge - we understand your priorities as a local business and how the borough works.
  • Commitment to sustainability - we have a vested interest in our local environment and the wellbeing of our residents, workers and visitors. We will help you meet your recycling targets and save money.
  • Commitment to reinvestment - revenue from our service is reinvested directly back into council services to ensure economic growth and financial stability of the borough's community.
  • Commitment to compliance - we will manage all your responsibilities in documenting and reporting your transfer of waste, ensure it is disposed of legally and will provide you with your Duty of Care Transfer Notice as proof of compliance.

What our clients say

"Managing the waste from our busy import and retail operation has always been a challenge, and we have always looked to recycle wherever possible in the most cost effective way possible.  We found that the services offered by Hillingdon  Council matched our needs completely in terms of cost and flexibility of collection."
John Lowton, Operations Director
India Jane,  Uxbridge 

Page last updated: 01 Aug 2023