Business waste and recycling

For a service that's trusted, efficient and offers best value for money, look no further. Our business waste and recycling collection service manages the disposal of general waste and recycling for all types of large and small businesses operating in Hillingdon.

Our business waste and recycling services are continuing to operate as normal. If the waste or recycling that your business generates is affected by the COVID-19 measures, please email as we can provide temporary changes to your service to support your business.

What we do with your waste

All waste that we collect is recycled or used to create energy. No waste that we collect is sent to landfill.

General waste 
The general waste that we collect is processed at an energy from waste facility. The waste is incinerated at very high temperatures in purpose-built chambers and the energy that this generates is used to power a turbine to produce electricity. The ash that is left over is reused in the construction industry.

Dry mixed recycling
Dry mixed recycling is sorted, separated and baled at a materials recovery facility. They are then sent to a range of re-processors, where they are transformed into reusable materials and then passed on to manufacturers to produce new items from them. Where possible, the material is recycled here in the UK. 

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Page last updated: 04 Jun 2019