Book a library computer

Information on bookable and drop-in computer sessions for library members and guests.

Please note: Computers for public access will be shut down 15 minutes before a library closes for lunch (where applicable) and 15 minutes before close time, and cannot be used during this period.

Bookable 2-hour sessions

Library members can book a computer for a maximum of 2 sessions per day (120-minute sessions). 

Bookings can be made up to 1 week in advance.

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Drop-in 1-hour sessions

Members can also use our express computers, which provide a self service for short drop-in sessions.

This offers a maximum of 2 sessions per day (60-minute sessions) and a 15-minute break is enforced after the first session.

Guests can book a computer for a maximum of 2 sessions per day (60-minute sessions).

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Page last updated: 05 Jun 2023