History of the Mayor of Hillingdon

Learn about the history of the Mayor's office.

Other important officials

The Lord Mayor of London

The Lord Mayor of the City of London takes precedence over all London Borough Mayors, except the Mayor of the Borough in which the function is being held. There is no Deputy Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor of London is styled 'The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of London' and should not be confused with the recently elected Mayor of London who has London-wide responsibilities.

The Lord Mayor of London's role is complementary to that of the role of the Mayor of London. Although involved in many of the same issues as the Mayor, the Lord Mayor, as head of the Corporation of London, acts as a representative of those who live, work or run business in 'the square mile'.

The Mayor of London

‚ÄčThis is a relatively new position, introduced by the Greater London Authority Act in May 2000. The Mayor of London is directly elected every four years by the electorate of Greater London as a whole. He is accountable for the 'strategic government of Greater London'. His main responsibilities are transport, economic development, the police, civil defence and fire services, planning, the environment and the coordination of London-wide events.

    The Lord Lieutenancy

    Unless otherwise requested, the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London is the Sovereign's Representative in Greater London (but not the city) and, as such, should be accorded due precedence. The Vice Lord Lieutenant, or a Representative Deputy Lieutenant, should be given the same precedence if acting specifically for the Lord Lieutenant, but not otherwise.

    For each London Borough there is a Representative Deputy Lieutenant whose job it is to act for the Lord Lieutenant within the Borough. Except when officially acting for the Lord Lieutenant, a Representative Deputy Lieutenant has no precedence by virtue of office, but should be given suitable recognition. Hillingdon's Deputy Lieutenant is currently Bruce Houlder CB QC DL.

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