Environmental health

Requesting environmental information

The Environmental Protection Unit can provide specific environmental information in relation to air quality, land contamination and other issues.

The following information can be accessed online:

Public register information is also available free for inspection at the Civic Centre, Monday to Friday, during normal office hours. These include:

  • contaminated land
  • part A prescribed process authorisations (IPPC)
  • part A2/B prescribed process authorisations (IPPC/IPC)
  • radioactive substances authorisations
  • waste management licenses/environmental permits.

To make an appointment, please email the Environmental Protection Unit at epteam@hillingdon.gov.uk.

There will be a charge for printing/photocopying of information. Please note: More up-to-date public register information may be available on the Environment Agency Public Register web page for regulations where they act as the enforcing authority.

Where a request for environmental information is received by the Environmental Protection Unit, it will be dealt with under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004 and not a Freedom of Information (FOI).

Complete a contaminated land enquiry form

If you require any other information that is not readily available, please contact the Environmental Protection Unit. Requests for information are preferred in writing asking specific questions about a specific site and, where appropriate, accompanied by a location map, indicating the boundary of the site in question.

A response to the enquiry will be provided in 20 working days. This may include directing you to the actual holder of the information, or indicating if the information can be provided, along with details of any charge that may be incurred.

Page last updated: 18 Mar 2024