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Information for residents and businesses about our HillingdonFirst card.

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Where can the HillingdonFirst card be used?

Use your HillingdonFirst card to receive discounts, offers and preferential rates on various products, services and facilities across the borough. Your card also acts as proof of residency when using our waste and recycling centres.

Local businesses
At participating businesses

Hundreds of businesses are part of our HillingdonFirst card programme and offer discounts and offers on various products and services, including food and drink, clothing, travel, leisure and hair and beauty.

Simply show your HillingdonFirst card at the point of paying.

Please note: Acceptance of the HillingdonFirst card is at the shop manager's discretion. Your HillingdonFirst card cannot be used to make online purchases.

View HillingdonFirst card offers and discounts

Computers at a Hillingdon library
At any of our libraries

Your HillingdonFirst card is also your library card. This allows you to borrow books, talking books and access our fantastic online digital library.

If you're an existing Hillingdon library member, speak with a member of staff about replacing your old card with a HillingdonFirst card.

If you have not been an active library user in the last 2 years, you will need to reactivate your membership. You can do this by visiting one of our libraries and asking to join the library where your HillingdonFirst card will be activated.

View Hillingdon's Digital Library

Things to do - Leisure Centres
In leisure centres

Get preferential rates at our leisure centres - contact your local centre directly for full details.

At council car parks and for on-street parking

Get preferential parking rates at our on-street parking bays and in our car parks with your HillingdonFirst card. You can view all of the available car parks and ticket pricing on our Car parks map and charges webpage. 

If paying by card

  1. Press the yellow button.
  2. Press and hold your HillingdonFirst card on the contactless symbol for up to 4 seconds (until authorised).
  3. Insert coins for the duration of your parking.
  4. Press the green button.
  5. Display your ticket on your window screen.

If paying with a contactless card

  1. Press the yellow button.
  2. Press and hold your HillingdonFirst card on the contactless symbol for up to 4 seconds (until authorised).
  3. Use the blue buttons to select the payment change.
  4. Press the green button.
  5. Tap your contactless card (or mobile) to the card reader.
  6. Display your ticket on your window screen.

Please note: If you forget your card, you will have to pay the full charge. 

Watch our short video, showing how to pay for a ticket using your HillingdonFirst card.

If paying with PayByPhone

PayByPhone allows you to pay for parking on the go using an app or web browser on your mobile phone or tablet without having to buy a ticket from a pay and display machine.

You can find out how to get started with PayByPhone and linking your HillingdonFirst card with the app on our PayByPhone webpage.

Page last updated: 07 Aug 2023