Blue Badges

Blue Badges help people with disabilities or health conditions park closer to their destination.
Read the government's guidance on responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder

Returning a Blue Badge

There are several reasons you may need to return a badge to us, including the death of the badge holder.

You must return the badge to us if:

  • the badge has expired
  • your medical condition improves and you're no longer eligible
  • you find the original badge after requesting a replacement badge - then the original badge must be returned
  • the badge becomes damaged or illegible
  • the badge is no longer required, for example if you're confined to the house.

If a Blue Badge holder dies

Sadly, when someone has died, there are lots of things that need to be done, at a time when you probably least feel like doing them. One of these is returning their badge to us. It cannot be used by or transferred to anyone else.

When returning the badge, please cut it in half and send it to:

Blue Badge team
Social Care Direct
2W/08 Civic Centre
High Street

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023