Blue plaques

We have a number of blue plaques in Hillingdon, linking the people of the past with the buildings of the present and honouring the notable men and women who have lived or worked in them.

Discover some of the people commemorated with blue plaques through our pages below.

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The aeronautical engineer who invented the water-skipping mine that was used to break the Möhne and Eder Dams.
During his career, Chris fought 38 times at light-heavyweight.
Michael was born in Uxbridge and grew up in Hoylake Crescent, Ickenham. Michael was known as 'the Dean of Special Effects'.
Cecil Kinross was a First World War hero who was awarded a Victoria Cross for exceptional bravery.
Robert Edward Ryder was just 20 years old when he was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in the face of adversity during the First World War.
Sir Alexander Fleming was a leading biologist, pharmacologist and Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of penicillin.
A gifted British fighter pilot who overcame a double leg amputation to continue flying during the Second World War.
A leading campaigner in Parliament for the abolition of slavery.