Cecil Kinross VC

Cecil Kinross (1896 to 1957) was a First World War hero who was awarded a Victoria Cross for exceptional bravery.

Cecil Kinross VC
Cecil was born in Harefield before moving with his family to Alberta, Canada when he was 16.

During WWI he served with the 49th Infantry Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force and on 30 October 1917 near Passchendaele in Belgium the company came under intense German artillery and machine gun fire.

Carefully surveying the situation, he took off all his equipment, except his rifle and a bandolier of ammunition, and set out alone over open ground in daylight. Kinross then charged the machine gun, killed the crew of six, and destroyed the gun.

Inspired by his action, his company advanced and established itself in an important new position. Throughout the day he showed marvelous coolness and courage, fighting valiantly against heavy odds until seriously wounded. 

For 'most conspicuous bravery in action during prolonged and severe operations' Kinross was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest honour a country can bestow on a citizen.

He died 21 June 1957, in Lougheed, Canada, and was buried with full military honours. Mount Kinross in the Rocky Mountains near Jasper, Alberta was named in his honour.

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