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We have a positive and sympathetic approach to horse riding. Riders are urged to co-operate by showing courtesy and restraint when using the 40 miles of bridleways within the borough.

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Advice for riders

  • Always wear your riding hat at all times and make sure it is correctly fitted
  • Ensure that the horse's or pony's shoes are in good condition and that they are not loose or badly worn
  • Make sure that all tack (including saddle, girths, leathers and bridle) are in good condition
  • Keep to the bridleways created by the council, shut gates and ride quiety past other animals
  • Use the left hand side if you have to ride on the road and be alert to anything that could cause your horse to shy
  • Always wear reflective clothing, and use reflective bands around your horse's fetlocks and carry a stirrup lamp if you have to ride after dark

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Page last updated: 05 Mar 2021