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Drinking fountains

We've installed drinking fountains in a number of our parks and open spaces, helping to reduce the plastic waste that ends up in landfill or as litter in the borough's streets and waterways.

Each water station includes a main bottle filler and 2 mixed-level bubbler taps that dispense water. One of the taps is at an accessible height for children and people with disabilities and the other is at ground level for pets.

Water fountain
All of the fountains are easy to operate with the simple push of a button. A self-closing feature and quick draining basins prevent wasted water and spillages.

Please note: Drinking fountains are decommissioned throughout the winter and will not be useable from October through to April. 

  • Barra Hall Park, Hayes, UB3 2NH
  • Bessingby Park, Ruislip, HA4 9AN
  • Cavendish Park, Eastcote, HA4 9TQ
  • Churchfield Gardens, Ruislip, HA4 8BE
  • Coney Green, Hillingdon, UB10 0PN
  • Connaught Recreation Ground, Uxbridge, UB10 0NW
  • Cowley Recreation Ground, Cowley, UB8 2DZ
  • Deane Park, South Ruislip, HA4 0HS
  • Fassnidge Park, Uxbridge, UB8 2UW
  • Harefield Village Green, Harefield, UB9 6EG
  • Hayes End Community Park, Hayes, UB4 8HZ
  • Hillingdon Court Park, Uxbridge, UB10 9JX
  • Hillingdon House Farm, Uxbridge, UB10 9ND
  • Little Harlington Playing Fields, Harlington, UB3 5AQ
  • New Pond Playing Fields, Ruislip, HA4 0DA
  • Northwood Recreation Ground, Northwood, HA6 1HR
  • Park Road Green, Hayes, UB4 8JL
  • Pinkwell Park, Hayes, UB3 1TF
  • Pole Hill Recreation Field,  Hillingdon, UB10 9HH
  • Rockingham Recreation Ground, Uxbridge, UB8 2UW 
  • Ruislip Lido, Ruislip, HA4 7TY
  • Shenley Park, Ruislip Manor, HA4 6BX
  • Sipson Recreation Ground, West Drayton, UB7 0DW
  • Swakeleys Park, Ickenham, UB10 8SH
  • Taylors Meadow, Harefield, UB9 6LJ

If you notice any drinking fountains that are damaged, please let us know by using our online form.

Report a damaged drinking fountain

Page last updated: 05 May 2023