Local Plan Review

Call for Sites Exercise

The council has launched a call for sites exercise to gather information on land that individuals or organisations may consider to have development potential.

The results of this exercise will form part of the evidence gathering for the review of the Local Plan. It is therefore imperative that those wishing to promote a site through the Local Plan process engage with this exercise. 

The council is seeking the submission of sites that meet the following criteria:  

  • the site is wholly or partially within the London Borough of Hillingdon; and 

The site meets 1 of the following: 

  • it is greater than or equal to 0.25 ha
  • it could accommodate 10 or more self-contained dwellings
  • it could accommodate 1,000 sqm or more of non-residential floorspace.

If you are unsure whether your nominated site meets the minimum site size criteria of 0.25 hectares (2,500 sq. metres), you can use Google Earth to locate your site and measure the area of your chosen site.  

Once in Google Earth, you can select the ruler measuring tool (located on the left-hand side of the screen) to measure the area of the site, by drawing a boundary around it.  

Use Google Earth 

Anyone can submit a site as part of the exercise, subject to it meeting the requirements above. One does not need to own the land or have a financial interest in it, however the form will require you to establish your relationship with the land, so that the council can distinguish who has submitted the site.  

Each site submission will require the completion of a separate return. We encourage those submitting large, strategic scale sites to work collaboratively with adjoining landowners or their agent, where appropriate, to ensure that a coordinated and comprehensive approach is taken in establishing their development potential. 

Please note that all submissions will in time be made public, as their appropriateness is assessed by officers in the council. This document will form part of the publicly available evidence base for the Local Plan. Whilst contact details will be removed, information on who submitted the site and their relationship to it will need to be published in the final document.  

Assessing sites

Please note: the submission of a site does not automatically mean that it will be allocated in the Local Plan or receive planning permission for development. All sites submitted in response to the exercise will subsequently be assessed by the council. If they are considered potentially suitable for an allocation within the Local Plan, they will then be subject to public consultation and, if necessary, further scrutiny during the public examination stage. 

Officers will not be able to assess submissions that contain missing or inaccurate information. Please read the questions carefully and respond to the best of your ability. If you have any concerns, please contact localplan@hillingdon.gov.uk.

In specific circumstances, the council can facilitate an appointment in the Civic Centre to ensure sites are submitted.


The Call for Sites exercise will run from Friday 26 May to Friday 29 September.

The council has elected to keep the exercise open for a number of months, in order to allow sufficient time for stakeholders to submit all applicable sites in an accurate manner.

Submit a site for consultation

Page last updated: 29 Jun 2023