Local Plan and Review

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Local Plan

The Local Plan is the foundation for how planning will be controlled in Hillingdon.

The two sections of the Local Plan forms the council's future development strategy for the borough. It sets out a framework and detailed policies to guide planning decisions and it's the starting point for considering whether planning applications should be approved.

Local Plan Part 1 - Strategic policies

The Local Plan Part 1 sets out the overall level and broad locations of growth up to 2026. It comprises a spatial vision and strategy, strategic objectives, core policies and a monitoring and implementation framework with clear objectives for achieving delivery. These policies are supported by more detailed policies and allocations set out in the Local Plan Part 2.


The Local Plan Part 1 is available to view in hard copy at borough libraries and the planning information service at the Civic Centre.

Local Plan Part 2

The Local Plan Part 2 comprises Development Management Policies, Site Allocations and Designations and the Policies Map. Once adopted, it will deliver the detail of the strategic policies set out in the Local Plan Part 1.

Adoption of the Local Plan Part 2

The Local Plan Part 2 Development Management Policies and Site Allocations and Designations were adopted as part of the borough's development plan at Full Council on 16 January 2020. This replaces the Local Plan Part 2 Saved UDP Policies (2012).

Hillingdon Council's policies map

View the policies map (PDF) [63MB]

The council's policies map was updated to reflect the changes to designations and allocations in the Local Plan Part 2.

You can also read the following Adoption Statement together with the Sustainability Appraisal of the Local Plan Part 2.

Examination of the Local Plan Part 2 

The council submitted the Local Plan Part 2 to the Secretary of State on 18 May 2018 to begin the examination in public phase. The Inspector's Report was provided on 22 October 2019.  

Read more information on the Local Plan Part 2 examination process and for further information, email localplan@hillingdon.gov.uk.‚Äč

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