Trees help improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and providing a home for nature.

Care for a tree

Caring for a young tree is one way you can help us to continue the tree planting work that we have done across the borough.

Care for a tree
When trees are newly planted, they need a lot of love and care.

We are encouraging residents to choose a tree and help care for it. With a little of your time you can help us ensure Hillingdon's trees continue to thrive.

Things that we would like you to do for newly-planted trees include:

  • maintenance and care 
  • watering and weeding through the summer months.

Apply to care for a tree

Looking after our parks

We manage and maintain thousands of publicly-owned trees, shrubs, parks, conservation areas, country parks and areas of green belt land in the borough.

If you notice an issue with a tree, please let us know by using our online form.

Report an issue with a tree

Page last updated: 09 Feb 2023