Trees help improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and providing a home for nature.

Sponsor a tree

As part of the national Trees for Streets campaign scheme, we are inviting residents to sponsor the planting of a tree in Hillingdon, which will to reduce air pollution, absorb carbon, and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Watering a sponsored tree
Trees for Streets scheme

Sponsor a tree to be planted in your street or neighbourhood by making a donation online.

There are 2 ways you can do this.

  1. Sponsor a tree and water it regularly
    We ask for a sponsorship donation of £230 to plant a new tree.
  2. Sponsor a tree, which we will take the responsibility of watering
    We ask for a sponsorship donation of £320 to plant and look after a new tree. 

Did you know?
Trees for Streets now offers a new crowdfunding feature, which allows local groups to pool resources, so that everyone gives what they can and jointly sponsors a tree.

Sponsor a street tree

Celebration trees

You can also sponsor a celebration tree to mark positive life moments and celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries and graduations - giving each tree has its own, happy story.

Celebration trees are planted in a selection of our borough's parks and green spaces and we ask for a sponsorship donation of £320 to plant a new tree.

Sponsor a celebration tree

Please note: Once you have submitted your request using the online form, our green spaces team will assess the location and (if it's suitable) will make arrangements to plant the tree in winter - the best planting time to ensure young trees grow and thrive.

Page last updated: 13 Mar 2024