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Maintenance of cemeteries

Information on the maintenance of cemeteries in Hillingdon and how to report any issues.

Damaged graves

If a grave is damaged by council staff, every effort will be made to repair it or put it right. Damage to a memorial will probably require the involvement of a monumental mason or other specialist.

Sunken grave 

It is quite common for graves to sink a few months after burial. Sunken graves are usually topped up and levelled after 6 months.

Grounds maintenance

Maintenance is similar to that in parks. Grass is normally cut approximately every fortnight between late March and early November. Strimming is carried out in conjunction with grass cutting to ensure that all areas look neat and tidy. Special efforts are made to ensure that grass cuttings are removed from paths. Headstone borders are tended 7 times per year.

Rose issues

Roses in cemeteries are planted and maintained in line with the normal parks specifications. Those planted by relatives and visitors may be pruned by the council if they become overgrown or start to cause problems.

Report a cemeteries issue

Page last updated: 24 Mar 2023