Details of our memorial and cemetery fees.

Cemetery fees

If the deceased has not already reserved a plot, one must be arranged and paid for. If no plot has been reserved, and you know of no preference, you must decide where you want the grave to be. 

Cemeteries - fees and charges April 2024 (PDF) [159KB]

Memorial fees

Lawn type memorial£200
Full memorial£405
Cremation section memorial£200
Child section memorial£188


For the right to carry out the following works on all gravesPrice
Additional inscriptions £92
Additional works/refurbishments£92
Placement of a trade name upon memorials£47


Issue of duplicate Deed of Grant£35
Transfer of exclusive right of burial£69
Cancellation fee (chargeable when grave digging has commenced)£337
Additional fees for interments on Saturday mornings (full interments)£640
Additional fees for interments on Saturday mornings (cremated interments)£345

CEM 5 - Memorial application form (PDF) [591KB]

Page last updated: 23 Apr 2024