How the council works

Councillor allowances

Councillors receive allowances from the council to ensure that they are not financially penalised for carrying out their duties.

The allowances paid to councillors are contained within the council's Members Allowances Scheme.

Main councillor allowances paid

  • Basic allowance - paid to every Member of the council and is intended to cover costs incurred relating to constituency duties, attending and preparing for meetings of the council and meetings with officers, political group activities and incidental costs, such as the use of home telephones, faxes, postage and routine travelling costs
  • Special responsibility allowance - paid to those Members who undertake the heaviest workloads and who play leading roles in the affairs of the council (eg Leaders of Political Groups, Cabinet Members and Chairs of Committees)
  • Dependant carer's allowance
  • Travel allowance  

All allowances are subject to National Insurance and income tax deductions where appropriate. 

Details of the Members' Allowances Scheme are included within Hillingdon's Constitution - Chapter 26.

Councillor allowances by year

Page last updated: 29 Apr 2024