Helping you develop and enjoy cycling in the borough. Find out more about our cycle tracks, clubs and activities in Hillingdon.

Using Google maps, we have plotted out cycling routes to help you get around Hillingdon.
Bikeability is the current cycling proficiency scheme that enables children to complete Levels 1, 2 and 3 to be safer cyclists on the roads.
Get a free basic bike repairs with one of our Dr Bike sessions.
Selection of off-road cycling facilities around the borough.
Rides are free and designed to allow you to ride at your own pace to increase your heart rate and improve well being. A range of rides are offered to get everyone involved.
Would you like to help increase the number of Hillingdon residents cycling and make our community more active? Then find out about becoming a cycle ranger.
We offer free cycle skills training in a variety of categories from commuter, family, beginner and refresher for any one aged over 16 living in Hillingdon who would like to gain confidence on the road and those looking to return to cycling who haven't ridden for a while.
Transport for London provide free cycle training is available for all abilities. Whether you're a new or regular cyclist, you can improve your skills. Take their online course or learn one-to-one with a qualified instructor.