Council departments

The council's chief officers, structure and service departments.

Tony Zaman
Chief Executive

Andy Evans
Corporate Director of Finance 

  • Gemma McNamara
    Director of Service Finance and Transformation
  • Iain Watters
    Director of Strategic Operational Finance
  • James Lake
    Head of Statutory Accounting, Investments and Pensions
  • Matthew Kelly
    Head of Procurement and Commissioning
  • Alex Brown
    Head of Counter Fraud
  • Claire Baker
    Head of Internal Audit and Risk Assurance

Dan Kennedy 
Corporate Director of Central Services  

  • Emma Gilbertson
    Head of Communications
  • Lloyd White
    Head of Democratic Services
  • Naveed Mohammed
    Head of Business Performance
  • Louise Forster
    Head of Customer Access
  • Louise Bateman
    Head of ICT
  • Tracey Taylor
    Head of Business Administration
  • Suzannah Horn
    Head of Human Resources
  • Kevin Byrne
    Head of Health and Strategic Partnership
  • Glen Egan
    Office Managing Partner for Legal Services
  • James Wright
    Services Manager for Health and Safety and Emergency

Julie Kelly
Executive Director of Children's Services

  • Tehseen Kauser
    Head of Early Help, Prevention and Permanence
  • Antony Madden
    Head of First Response and Out-of-hours Social Work
  • Valentin Danciu
    Head of Children in Need of Help and Protection
  • Emma Kavanagh
    Head of Corporate Parenting Service
  • Poppy Reddy
    Head of Court and Specialist Services
  • Kathryn Wyatt
    Head of Youth Justice and Adolescent Development
  • Alex Coman
    Director of Safeguarding, Quality Assurance and Partnership
  • Vacant
    Head of Education, SEND and Inclusion
  • Kathryn Angelini
    Head of Virtual School
  • Deborah Scarborough
    Head of Adult Education
  • Cathy Handley
    Head of Hillingdon Music Service

    Perry Scott 
    Corporate Director of Place

    • To be confirmed
      Director of Community Safety and Enforcement
    • Mark Bilings
      Director of Housing
    • Gary Penticost
      Director of Operational Assets
    • Julia Johnson
      Director of Planning and Regeneration
    • To be confirmed
      Director of Property Services
    • To be confirmed
      Director of Environment and Leisure

    Sandra Taylor 
    Executive Director of Adult Services and Health 

    • Vacant
      Head of Business Delivery and Market Management
    • Jan Major
      Head of Direct Care Provision
    • Claire Fry
      Head of Child and Family Development Services
    • Kelly O'Neill
      Director of Health and Public Health
    • Gavin Fernandez
      Head of Hospital and Localities
    • Bukky Junaid
      Head of Safeguarding Adults
    • Graham Puckering
      Head of Learning Disability and Mental Health
    Page last updated: 27 Apr 2023