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We are currently receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding foxes. This page provides guidance and support to residents in relation to fox-related nuisance.

Illegal methods to control foxes

It is illegal to use the following methods to control foxes on your property:

  • self-locking snares
  • bows and crossbows
  • explosives
  • live birds or animals, as bait or decoys
  • gassing or poisoning.

In urban areas firearms should not be used to control foxes for public safety reasons.

What you can do to deter foxes

  • Secure your food waste
    We provide domestic properties with free secure food waste bins, which are highly resistant to foxes.

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  • Rinse recycling containers
    Food containers put in recycling bags should be washed to remove traces of food and scent, which can attract animals. Where possible, store waste in a closed container with a tight fitting or locking lid.
  • Use an approved repellent or deterrent
    You can use an approved product, such as the repellent 'Scoot', which can be purchased from most DIY or garden centres. The use of unapproved chemicals or substances (such as creosote, diesel oil, banned pesticides etc) for pest control is an offence under the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985.

If you cannot resolve your fox problem, contact a reputable pest control company.

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Page last updated: 14 Feb 2023