Weddings at The Great Barn

The Barn's atmosphere, size and layout can provide the ideal venue for your wedding.


Due to the Great Barn's construction and fragility, we have some restrictions on the equipment that can be brought into the venue.

All entertainment must be positioned at the south end of the barn.

Pre-recorded music

Music may be played from 10.30am to 10.30pm. Amplified music can only be played through the Great Barn's PA system, which has a high quality volume limiter. The system and inputs are:

  • 1 x Formula Sound AVC2
  • 1 x BOSE Controller
  • 1 x Yahama P2500s
  • 4 x BOSE 802II
  • 2 x mono CLR (L+R)

We supply a notepad mixer, which allows input from ipods and MP3 players and radio microphone.

Reception DJ

With the exception of speakers, your DJ can bring any other equipment they need for playback and connect directly to our PA system. 

  • Your DJ can provide a stereo output from their mixer: XLR, Jack or RCA.
  • The PA system is in a fixed position so we recommend a minimum cable length of 3 metres.

Small DJ style lights are fine to use in the building, however larger stage lights need to be approved on a case by case basis ss the venue has a limited power supply and may not be able to accommodate these larger lights.

Live music and bands

Acoustic drums or monitor amps are not permitted and only the Great Barn's own PA system can be used. Electric drums can be used. Your musicians must provide us with a stereo output from their mixer. If they require a monitor they may turn one of our Bose 802's round to face them.

Your music providers must provide us with the following:

  • a list of all equipment being brought on site
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance
  • proof of PAT testing for all electrical items.
Page last updated: 24 Mar 2023