Road gritting routes

During wintry weather, we treat roads to prevent ice from forming (known as 'precautionary salting') and melt any ice and snow already formed ('post-salting').


During and after snowfall, the salting of roads will be carried out as required on the same priority routes.

The salting may be undertaken for minor roads not included among the pre-determined routes. This will be in response to specific areas of icy conditions.

Minor roads

Minor roads will only be considered for salting once the primary and secondary routes have been done. An inspection will be done to confirm that treatment is necessary, salting will be done on a priority basis.

Public footways

Footways, pedestrian precincts or cycle ways are not specifically included in pre-determined routes for precautionary salting. Footways will only be treated once snow has settled or during periods of prolonged freezing conditions on a priority basis at locations including:

  • town centres
  • hospitals
  • old peoples homes
  • day centres
  • schools (during term times only)
  • footbridges
  • bus stops

Where there are icy footways in locations not included in the above criteria, the footway will be inspected to assess whether it should be treated or not.

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Page last updated: 09 Dec 2022