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Preparing for winter weather

Preparation and a good response is the best way to ensure the effects of snow and wintry weather have a minimal impact on your daily activities.

Snow in a park


Now is a good time to think about what preparations you need to make.

  • Protect your home from high winds.
  • Look after your pipes
  • Please look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours during cold weather
  • Think about purchasing:
    • a supply of grit for your property's drive and walkways
    • long life food to reduce the number of journeys required during wintry weather
    • The Met Office Website gives suggestions for the simple things you can do to help you and your family keep warm, healthy and safe through the cold weather - as well as saving money.

Get ready for winter : This link opens in a new window


Need to get away?

  • Prepare a home emergency pack, add extra warm clothing, coats and good footwear.
  • Make contact with vulnerable neighbours who may face difficulty in evacuating and offer assistance if you can.


  • Snow and wintry weather can create adverse driving conditions. When planning a journey consider:
    • can the journey be postponed
    • can you walk instead of drive, or use public transport
    • can someone collect/buy food for you
  • If you have to travel, ensure that your car is in full working order, check:
    • engine oil and water are at recommended levels
    • tyres and brakes are in a suitable condition
  • If you have any doubts about the condition of your car, Do not drive!
  • Check you have the correct emergency equipment in your car
  • Check the advice on preparations for winter driving

Road gritting

The council maintains local roads in priority order.

Schools, children's centres, day centres

Some centres may feel it necessary to close during adverse conditions. Check:

Burst pipes

Thames Water have asked customers who spot a leak or burst pipe on a street or pavement to report it online or contact their 24-hour leak line on freephone 0800 714 614.

Weather and travel warnings

Where to get winter alerts:


When heavy snowfall occurs it is important to ensure that you can support yourself as much as possible. 

  • Gritting your driveway or clearing the snow from your driveway will make it considerably safer whilst using your car.
  • Use public transport instead of your car. If services are in full working order, it is safer to use the train than your own car.
    Transport for London journey planner 
  • In some cases, dependent on the kind of job you do, it may be possible for you to work from home. If public transport is not available and it is unsafe to use your car, call your manager and see if it would be possible for you to work from home.


Getting back to normal.

  • When snow and wintry weather is subsiding, the risk of ice on roads is increased due to the refreezing of surface water overnight. Take extra precautions whilst driving in these conditions, treating the roads as if there is snow on them to ensure your own safety and other road users as well.
  • Although the likelihood is low, when the snow melts, depending on how fast it melts, flooding may occur:

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