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Projections over a highway

You need a licence for any displays that protrude or project over a public highway.

What you need to know before applying

Projection over a highway
Licence laws

Under normal circumstances the highway should be free from obstructions at surface level and of physical projections at any height. 

Highways include carriageways, footways, cycle ways and verges. Anything that causes interference with the space above these is not normally permitted. On occasion, a projection over the highway is allowed. 

In Hillingdon, a licence is required to cover projections over the highway in relation to the restriction on:

  • construction of buildings over highways 
  • placing rails or beams over highways.

Eligibility criteria

Applications must be made by the owner of the proposed projection and/or the land it's associated with. The applicant will need to consider and accept the responsibilities placed on a licence holder and provide:

  • full details of the proposed projection including the type, purpose, construction method and location
  • evidence of public liability insurance valid for the full duration of the proposed licence with a minimum cover of £5,000,000
  • confirmation they are the owner
  • proposed commencement and finishing dates.

Licence holder conditions

The licence holder should: 

  • contact all organisations who may have an interest in the highway to notify them of the proposal, seek objections or concerns and obtain copies of existing apparatus in the location in question
  • ensure works are planned correctly and carried out safely and expeditiously
  • notify the highway authority of any issues
  • ensure the projection is maintained and does not cause a danger to the public or damage to the highway infrastructure
  • indemnify the highway authority against all claims, including injury, damage or loss arising from any aspect of the apparatus or structure licensed, including installation, maintenance and removal
  • have suitable insurance for the duration of the licence that covers a minimum of £5,000,000 for each claim, with no limit to the number of claims
  • ensure the licence is correctly transferred to a third party if the land/apparatus is sold
  • ensure all conditions applied to the licence are fulfilled.

Please note: Further conditions may be applied.

How to apply

Apply by post or in person. Download an application form to print off and complete by hand.

What happens next 

  1. The application will be validated to ensure the applicant is the owner of the projection and agrees to the licence conditions.
  2. The proposal will be reviewed and consideration given to alternative options, the effect on the highway and potential risk to the highway infrastructure and the public.
  3. Evidence of third-party agreements will be reviewed if applicable.
  4. The proposed installation and construction method will be considered.

Further information about the 'projections over a highway' application process (PDF) [25KB]

Page last updated: 25 Aug 2023